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If you're thinking about Affiliate Marketing, but have never worked with Affiliate Programs before, click here to read a very simplistic overview of how they work before reading the rest of this page.

If you are already "in the know" you will be aware that there are Affiliate Programs .... and there are "affiliate programs" ..... if you are basing your site on offering other peoples products and services through their affiliate programs, make sure you are selective about the companies you choose to represent.

Remember these companies are what your Business is about.... they are your lifeline .... your success will depend on who you choose!

Read their Terms carefully -

Make sure you know how and when you get paid and, more importantly, know how much (in either monetary or percentage terms) you will earn from each referral sign up or product sale.

Commissions will vary with each company - but workload on your part will be the same for every company - so why sign up with a company who pays 1% per $100 sale if you can become an affiliate of a company that pays you 25% or more per $100 sale!

There is no difference in actual workload in

Bullet Point  web site promotion 
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writing and sending your classifieds, ezines, newsletters and emails
Bullet Point setting up your autoresponder
Bullet Point keeping track of  your visitors
Bullet Point tracking your ads
Bullet Point banking your checks .....

... whether you have
one affiliate program or one hundred - it may take a little longer to perform the task - but the same tasks have to be done.  In fact, if you had one hundred affiliate programs on your site, it would be more cost effective than if you only had one!  (Not that I'm suggesting you try to run as many as a 100 different affiliate sites from one place - especially if you're a raw beginner!)

It truly is a numbers game!

We know that not everyone is able to work out the viability of an affiliate program - if they were able to do that there would not be any takers for programs that offer you 0.01 cents for reading an email!!

Be Unique - Don't Follow the Sheep!

Those of you who have already invested in, and read  our e-book  Affiliate Marketing Madezi will remember that I spoke about split opinions as to whether or not you needed your own site - well this is the area where most people fall into the trap - Affiliate Programs.

Why? - because people signing up for an Affiliate program that offers a "self replicated" web page or web site as part of the signing up package thinks that this is a great way to establish their presence on the web without all the hard work of building their own website - They do not realize just how wrong they are!

I want you to think for a moment - a "self-replicated" site (or page) is exactly the same as the site that you signed up from - and exactly the same as every other persons site that has signed up as an Affiliate for that company's product!

So, what's wrong with that? .....

At first glance -  nothing -

You've signed up as an Affiliate so you have agreed to promote their site anyway and, hopefully, their "free" site's structure has been thoroughly market tested.

Immediate "set-up" - no time wasted building your own site or money spent getting someone else to build it

All you have to do is advertise their site heavily through your link ... and hey presto! ...

Interested visitors will sign up or buy something from your (their) site and bingo ... you get paid a commission!

That's all there is to it - isn't it?

NO! - that's what site owners running these types of programs want you to believe, but nothing in this life is that easy or straightforward ...  those of you who have read "Affiliate Marketing Madezi" will already know that and understand what you need to look for.  You will also know how to work your affiliate programs to your best advantage.

Affiliate Marketing Madezi

Blue Moon 
Affiliate Program

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Affiliate Marketing Madezi

If you haven't read "Affiliate Marketing Madezi" yet, you haven't lost your chance - in fact, you're actually in a very good position because you've got  a chance now to get it for 30% less! - now that can't be bad in anyone's book!!

If you're already an Affiliate Marketer, or are thinking about it now, and are looking for a good program, take a look at our new "Blue Moon Affiliate Program" - we pay commissions every month and you don't have to wait till you've got a $100 (or more) in commissions before we pay you!

We even pay you commissions on your own purchases!

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