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Create a Website
                that's easy on the eye ...

Ever looked at a website and wondered why on earth they bothered?

What is it that makes some people think they can get away with an Internet Business that looks less professional than an off-line business?

Do they think that? - well, I've got to say, it sometimes looks that way to me.

If you had a hand in the creation of a retail store in your local mall,  your prime objective would be to attract customers wouldn't it? 

OK - so think what would be needed to entice potential customers into your store.

For a start, you would want to make sure that the window display was eye catching and there was a welcoming ambience about the store.

If your window display looked cluttered or out of date  do you think you would attract as many customers through your doors?  - NO! 

The same applies to a website!

Everyone Entering Your Store is a  Potential Customer

You'd need to ensure  the shop interior was clean and presentable with well laid out sections, the products were "type" grouped, clearly labeled and priced, and that the payment area was clearly visible and easily accessible.  That way your customers could  quickly locate the section they required, obtain their chosen products and  pay for them with the minimum of wasted time.

If you made your products hard to find, with no labeling  or information and your store was  disorganized - do you think you would attract as many paying customers to your badly placed checkouts? - NO!

So, bear all this in mind whilst you're designing your site.

Keep it Clear, Concise and Simple

How many times have you clicked onto a site - only to be met with a creation of

bullet garish color schemes that make you recoil
text and background colors merging so closely that reading is difficult (or sometimes impossible!)
pages that take absolutely ages....and ages....and ages...to load (Zzzzzzz!)
bullet pages so jumbled that you can't see what the site is about
misspelled words and incoherent phrases making it difficult to establish what the author means
bullet content that's definitely "lost the plot"
(and the thing that is really annoying) - internal links which don't work! ...
... I could go on, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about - and I'm even more sure you don't want a website like one of those - do you?? - No, of course you don't (otherwise you wouldn't be interested in reading this page!)

It's absolutely vital to your internet success to have your own website - and that applies to affiliate marketers too! 

It's critical that

You stay in control of your own business

You stay in control of your own content

You stay in control of building your own "list"

You stay in control of your own success

The only way to stay in control of your own destiny and increase your chances of success is to create your own website - and you can get help to create a website through our very own publication Website Creation Madezi found at our sister site Madezi.com.

Don't be daunted by what you may see as an enormous hurdle - it isn't! - and what's more, we've all been there!  

Do you think the very first web site was built by someone who knew exactly what they were doing?  

You do?  - 
So who taught him??

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