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Make Sure Your Content Speaks Volumes....

Ever experienced the excitement when an exquisitely wrapped gift is placed in your hands...

... only to discover, upon unwrapping it, that the contents are just a boring old pair of socks?

... I guess we've all have had something given to us along those lines that disappoint us -  

So you'll have some idea of  how disappointing it would be if your visitors got really eager viewing your incredibly exciting and enticing advertising or main website page - only to find out
that the content of the rest of your website sucked!

Know a website like that? -- yep! -- I think we all do .... but yours isn't going to be like that is it?

Because you're going to stick to your theme - yes? and you're going to make your CONTENT interesting - yes?


It's Imperative That You Make Your Content SELL 

Unless you've got a personal website just for fun, you're main aim will be make some money - so you will be marketing something - so make sure that what you are selling is attractively packaged and, more importantly, content rich.

Now that "something" that you're selling will fall into the category of a

"Tangible" or "Non-Tangible" Product 

Tangible Products are straightforward enough to sell in terms of content - you can do this with clear pictures, detailed descriptions and pricing information.  This way you can make sure your customers can see exactly what they're purchasing and how much it will cost them. 

But what about a Non-Tangible product - something like web hosting, computer programming, membership sites or other types of services - things you can't physically touch or see?

These too, believe it or not, can be just as straightforward and you can make your website content just as attractive and interesting.


By making your non-tangible product tangible!

It is actually much easier to sell a non-tangible product "online" than it is "offline" - because you have the opportunity to let your visitors "see" your service product by giving them a 3 dimensional view of your otherwise non-tangible product.

Add to this a unique and professional looking content package,  a catchy title,  a believable description and a picture -  and your product instantly springs alive - I defy you not to be able to increase your sales using this idea!

Graphic Content can certainly Inspire Your Visitors to Buy ...

... But Don't Overdo The Graphics ...

Graphics content on its own will not work!

I've just told you how to make a non-tangible product tangible - by using graphics - but simply putting a graphic on the page will not sell your product no matter how great it is - because without information about the product, nobody will know how great your product really is!

Think of Graphics as the icing on the cake - but remember, it's not the icing, it's the actual cake that sells!

So use graphics content to draw the eye - just like the fancy icing on the cake - but make sure the actual content is palatable and substantial.  In other words

Make Your Content Speak Volumes!

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