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Those of you who have read our "Madezi" series of books may be wondering why I've created some free website templates on this site after giving warnings about using them ... and that's exactly what we gave  - "warnings" - we have never ever said "don't use them!" 

Website Templates can be brilliant for anyone who lacks time, design ability or the inclination to build their own site - and Mini-Site Templates can be really useful for testing a new product, creating individual websites for each of your products, promoting Affiliate products  or for using as a "leader" to your main website.

For those of you who have not read our "Madezi" books, the reason we give a "warning" about using "FREE" website templates is to draw to your attention that, in reality, nothing is ever "free" - there is always a cost somewhere!  

Creating a website can be very time consuming so, rightfully, the designers of the "free websites" need to re-coup the cost of the time spent and be "paid" for their expertise.  

So why give them away for nothing? 

Well, as I've said, it actually isn't "for nothing!"

The designer of the "free" website template (us in this case) will be using it as an advertising tool - at the very least, there will be a link on the "free" website template back to the designers own website in a bid to attract new customers for their designs.  I think you'll agree that's a fair exchange for giving you their time and expertise  - right?

OK - and this is where the warning comes in - some designers are not that subtle and carry several references to their own design website - even to the point of embedding their links so you cannot remove them.   The person (could be you) who's trying to build their business with the "free template" is compromised (sometimes without even knowing it) - that's not really playing the game fairly is it? 

Sometimes the designer link reads something like this "Free Website provided by"  -  this doesn't do much for the user's credibility in the eyes of their visitors!

That's not the worst though -  sometimes a "free" website template carries actual advertising - not just a subtle link - but some blatant, in your face, advertising - and not always from the designers own company.  

What the designer has done in this instance is "sold an advertising spot" on their template to an outsider company.   If your visitor clicks on the advertisement, the browser will then show the advertisers website -  and your visitor will have forgotten all about yours!

Why would you want to use OUR Free Website Templates?

Because our whole business is aimed at beginners / new start up businesses and existing business who are struggling to make their first dime.

Because we understand how every penny counts when you're trying to establish a business or promote your products.

Because we have produced some visually different websites to the normal "free templates"

Because we have made them very easy for you to use and give you full instructions and tips.

Because you can contact us for help and advice.

Because we only have ONE subtle link, right at the bottom of the template which reads "Website Design by IBI" -  it says NOTHING about being free, in fact it looks (to your visitor) as if you have paid to get the site designed -  Your credibility remains intact!!

Because you can offer our templates as a free gift or incentive to get your visitors to sign up to your newsletter, review, article, report etc.

Why are we doing this? - two very simple reasons:

To help you get started in business or expand your existing business.

To attract new design customers to us.

If you're promoting affiliate products, want to test the market for a new product or want a simple mini-site to get started - Check Out Our Free Templates now

If you want to find out more about building your own site go to our Website Design section

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