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Without good solid marketing strategies - 
                        you have NOT got an Internet Business!

There are no two ways about it - this is one of the areas where many people fall down  - they spend a lot of time getting their site built, place it with a web hosting service and sit back thinking everyone will immediately click on their site and the dollars will start rolling in ...

Wrong ...

o get visitors to your site - you have got to advertise ... advertise, that is, without resorting to SPAMMING!

and if you don't know what SPAM is - click here NOW!


Marketing is the Hardest Part for Most People

Now you may think that the rules and regulations of SPAM make Internet Marketing too much of a risk or is too complex for you to bother with - don't worry, this is a response that many people have - but if you really want to succeed you will see here how many ways there are to tackle marketing that does not involve SPAM - so stay with me here. 

Building your website is your half-way mark , and that's the easiest half at that!  The most difficult, but equally important "half", is now beginning - and that's to market your site to a level where you are successfully generating a flow of sustained traffic to your site.

I cannot stress how critical this stage is - you MUST take steps to maximize an excellent return on your marketing efforts.  The first thing you must do is make sure your website is optimized before submitting your site to the search engines.   

Do not, however, rely purely on submitting your site to search engines for your traffic.  It's imperative that you look at other advertising avenues for promoting your site and advertising your products.
Look Beyond the Obvious

Always keep in mind the reason why you're advertising - what do you want from your ad in return for your dollar?

OK - I know you want to make money - that's fine - but in order to make money you've got to sell your product or, if you are going down the "affiliate" route, you've got to obtain sales for the product that you are affiliated too - right? 

So, in order to make money from selling your "product"  -  whatever it is - you've got to have someone to sell it too  - Agreed? ...

... so, I'll ask you again - what do you want from your ad in return for your dollar? 

That's right - you need Leads!- and that applies to all products - and especially so if you're in a service (intangible) industry -  LEADS are absolutely vital!

Choose a Suitable Method

There are many different methods of advertising and, particularly if you're a "newbie, we strongly suggest you take a look at all the different marketing methods and try a few that appeal to you to see how you feel about actually using them. 

Always bear in mind that not all forms of advertising work for all people - just because someone tells you they are using "XYZ promotions" and are getting a "phenomenal success" with it does not mean YOU will get the same success.  We are individuals - so you have to find your own preferred methods.

Now I'm sure you're wondering why I've said that -  so look at this way - marketing is a critical part of your future success and if we are not happy about doing something (no matter what that "something" is) it quickly becomes a grueling task - agree? ...

... so the last thing you want to become a "grueling task" is marketing - because without it you will NOT be generating leads - 

no leads = no sales = no business!

No matter which form of marketing you do, it's no good just blindly promoting your business - you will be marketing amongst several million other people so - and this is very important - 

Make Sure Your Ad's Stand Out From The Crowd ! 


Are affiliate programs worth it?

Bullet Point  Do you know how Affiliate Programs work? 

Bullet Point How many different Affiliate Marketing Techniques do you know?

Bullet Point Do you know how many ways there are to promote your Affiliate business?

Bullet Point Have you got the key to successful Affiliate Marketing?

Bullet Point Are you up to date with the latest information on Affiliate Marketing?

Bullet Point Do you know what it takes to create a steady flow of checks?

Bullet Point Even if you know WHAT to do - do you know what NOT to do?
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Website Marketing Strategies Madezi

There's nothing black and white about marketing! - no matter what you might think or been told, marketing is definitely a gray area!

Why is this so? - because everyone is different - what one person finds attractive or appealing - another finds  unattractive and a turn-off! - and that's not confined to just the "visual" aspect of an advert, it applies to the heading, content, wording, choice of text, color or even the "offer" or product portrayal itself. 

Website Marketing Strategies Madezi addresses these points - and more!

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